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Cleaning & Care


Repairs & Resizing 
All IHANA jewelry is built by hand with love and should be treated as such. Pieces are fragile and require delicate care. If a piece is dropped and damaged, submerged in water or damaged at fault of the owner a repair or replacement will not be made without charge. Repairs and resizing are not available on non-IHANA jewelry. Resizing can only be done on specific IHANA pieces and will be noted in the product description if available. If you inquire about a repair please note there will be a cost depending on the amount of damage done. All shipping is buyer's responsibility.


.925 Sterling Silver, Bronze and Copper

All IHANA jewelry is handmade with .925 sterling silver. Some pieces may include bronze or copper as accent metals to the silver. All of these metals can tarnish over time which is a natural occurrence where the metal darkens and seems to look discolored. This discoloration can range from a light yellow/gold to a dark black/brown color. To avoid tarnish enjoy wearing your pieces regularly, keep away from cosmetics, hair products, salt water and anything that may contain sulfur. Be sure not to submerge your silver jewelry in water for long periods of time and be sure to remove it when bathing or swimming. To remove tarnish from your silver jewelry I recommend using a silver polishing cloth and silver polish which you can purchase from a local jeweler or online. Should you see tarnish on matte finished piece you can easily remove this tarnish with a very high grit steel wool (0000) by rubbing the piece in a circular motion.


Turquoise and other gemstones
Most IHANA jewelry contains a form of turquoise or other gemstone. Like any stone avoid dropping, scratching and hitting sharp or hard objects as this can cause the stone to crack or chip. Be mindful while doing dishes and cleaning as to not expose to harsh chemicals such as Bleach, Etc. As this can cause discoloration or other damage. 


Patina is a chemical (usually sulfur) used to create the black, velvety recessed parts on a piece of jewelry. Patina is usually used when stamping or when layers of metal are used to create depth. Although patina is usually done with chemicals it can wear off with time if not properly cared for. Keep any piece containing patina away from water, salt water, cosmetics, and hair products as contact with any of these can cause corrosion of the patina. This corrosion will give the patina an unflattering green color that can only be repaired by removing the original patina, applying a fresh coat and re-polishing (repair and return shipping costs will apply). Refrain from rubbing the patina with your fingers as this can remove it if done frequently for long periods of time.